Uplifting Talks

What is Uplifting Talks?

Uplifting Talks is our digital conversation series between inspiring individuals & talented youth leaders. Our guests share what and who’s made them, messages of hope amidst the hurdles, and pro tips to youth and community members.

The peak of the Pandemic Edition

Angie Cruz, Author

Angie Cruz is a novelist and editor. The author of Soledad (2001), Let it Rain Coffee (2005), and Dominicana (2019).
Her novel, Dominicana is the inaugural book pick for GMA book club and chosen as the 2019/2020 Wordup Uptown Reads.

James Feldeine, Professional Basketball Player

James Feldeine is a Washington Heights native and a professional basketball player. He played college basketball for Quinnipiac University before playing professionally in Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico, Greece, Serbia and Israel.

What It Takes To Be a Pro

This episode joins novelist Matt Mendez, and pro basketball players James Feldeine, Edgar Sosa, and Adris de Leon. They discuss their career paths and their journey to become a pro in their respective fields. Matt Mendez is the author of Barely Missing Everything (2019), his debut book.

Jumaane D. Williams, NYC Public Advocate

Jumaane Williams is the NYC Public Advocate, and a community activist. Williams was diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Tourette syndrome as a child. He has been an outspoken advocate for others with both of those conditions.